Why use a Professional Photographer for Your Portrait?

In today's modern age, cameras are ubiquitous. They are everywhere. In fact, I have two cameras in my pocket and my computer has one mounted in front of my face. With these cameras everywhere, why should I pay for someone to take me picture? Well, there are several reasons you should hire a professional portrait photographer for your business portrait, your next corporate event, your wedding, or any event or moment you want to be able to remember or share.

Professional Photography can make a huge difference Portrait
As you can see, the professional photo on the left has a much higher resolution, higher quality, more accurate color, and better lighting than the iPhone photo on the right.

But My Cousin has a Camera

A pen doesn't make someone an author, so why should a camera make someone a professional photographer. Professional portrait photographers do more than just press a button. They work with you the entire time to ensure that you are comfortable, posed in a flattering manner, framed and exposed properly, and find the right expressions. One of the most important things I learned when I first started as a professional photographer is that inter-personal skills are so much more important than just being able to take a picture.

Professional Portrait Photographers Help You Relax

A once nervous gentleman was able to find tranquility and confidence by the end of his photoshoot.

Early on, I realized that the best photos come from real emotions and real moments. No matter how hard you try, a fake smile can never beat the real thing. So, the most important thing a portrait photographer can do is to help a client or model be comfortable, to be natural, and to be confident. Often times, I start with jokes to help ease the tension. There's so much light and equipment pointed at you. It can be intimidating. A portrait photographer works hard to help you feel confident in your photos. Once you are feeling confident, the pressure, the nerves, the room, it all slips away, fades into nothing and you can begin to take photos that you're really proud of.

Getting Your Portrait Out in the World

From billboards to business cards, putting yourself out there is a vulnerable position to be in. If you hide or if you cheat, your clients will know. When someone looks you up online and they see your picture, they're not trying to recognize you in a crowd. They are looking for authenticity; they are looking for honesty; and they are looking for integrity. A "selfie" just can't convey all the minute details of your unique personality to a prospective customer, but a professional portrait can truly be an expression of yourself.

Stop by The Peter James Studios and ask us about what it means to take an authentic photo. We would love to capture the real you for the entire world to see. On top of that, we'll help you resize and crop your photos for every occasion!