Peter James

Peter James Bellingham

Business Edge
Peter James has spent years studying real world marketing and has learned to incorporate critical marketing factors into his photography. He is likely to ask you about how each image will be used, who the target audience is, what the personality of your company/organization/product is and what exact message you want to send. If you have a clearly defined marketing strategy or if you provide him a creative brief he will closely adhere to it. If you haven't considered these marketing factors, he will help you to.

Marketing is always an investment, but you can do a lot to increase your ROI by working with a photographer that gets the big picture of how their photos can help you achieve your overall marketing goals.


Why I Love Bellingham
"It's hard to express how much I love living in Bellingham, Washington and being a part of the Bellingham community.

From a geographical standpoint, we sit at the point where the most beautiful mountain range I've seen comes to rest along expansive inland seas bordered by mile after mile of exquisite coastline. As a photographer, it's pretty obvious that I can spend my entire life here without ever getting bored.

From a social and economic standpoint, Bellingham is everything I could ask for. It is a model city for sustainability, and the majority of companies in the area, large and small, are locally owned. We have all of the services of a city with that small town feel. There is nothing nicer than walking down a street where each person that passes you smiles.

Call me crazy, but I even like the rain. I think it's beautiful to watch the misty clouds blowing through the towering cedar trees. The summer days when it's warm and the sun is out it is apparent that we are living in paradise." -Peter James