The Details

Business Photography Pricing

Product Photography

In-Studio Product Photos - Price Sheet

On-Location Product Photos - Price Sheet

Food and Beverage Photos - Price Sheet


Photography of Places

Residential Architectural Photos - Price Sheet

Commercial Architectural Photos - Price Sheet

Real Estate Photography - Price Sheet


Photography of People

Head Shots - Price Sheet

Individuals - Price Sheet

Groups - Price Sheet

On Location - Price Sheet

Models and Performers - Price Sheet

Photo Review
Whenever possible, we prefer to review the photos taken with our clients in person. Experience has shown that we are very helpful guiding clients through the selection process. Otherwise we can email proofs for you to review at your leisure.


Photo Delivery
Once retouched, your photos will be delivered to you electronically as a download link. Files will be saved at the size you need, in JPEG format. If you need additional sizes, let us know and we are happy to deliver the files in multiple resolutions.


Turn Around Times
In most cases, final files are delivered to our clients within one week and often sooner. Delivery time is primarily dictated by the amount of retouching required. For more specific time lines, please ask when you book your shoot.


Additional Costs
Other expenses incurred on projects that will be billed to the client include model fees, wardrobe, props, stylists and other support staff. Clients will be notified of, and must give approval of expenses in advance.


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