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"Owning several businesses myself, I know how important it is that every dollar you spend works hard to build dependable income streams. As your commercial photographers, Tad and I are committed to using our creative talents and business experience to provide photos that help you achieve business goals ranging from launching a new business to dominating an industry.

We are equally committed to making the process smooth, simple and enjoyable. Developing strong relationships is also very important to us, and our regular clients will attest that we go out of our way to ensure that each photo we take meets or exceeds our clients' requirements and quality standards.

We'd be honored to help you with your project, and we welcome your questions."
-Peter James

Bellingham Photographer's Background
Peter James earned his degree in Film and Digital Photography in 1997 just as technologies like digital cameras and Photoshop were emerging. He opened his first studio in Colorado Springs, CO specializing in digital photo manipulation. Digital photo technology being so new at the time made it hard for him to reach the level of success he desired there, so in 2000 he moved to Detroit, MI to work in the automotive photography industry, an industry that had fully embraced high-tech digital photography. He worked there for Davo Photographic for two years and assimilated much about modern digital photographic techniques and commercial photography in general.

Despite how much he liked working with Davo, Detroit was not the right environment for him. In the summer of 2002 he set out on a journey to find the perfect place to continue his career. After three months on the road he discovered Bellingham and knew immediately that this was the right environment to open his own commercial photography studio. Ever since then he has been serving the Bellingham business community with his photographic talent and digital expertise. With clients ranging from local small businesses to multi-million dollar companies as well as non-profits and government agencies, Peter James has established himself as Bellingham's go-to commercial photographer.

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Bellingham Photography, Tad Beavers

Tad's passion for photography began in high school when an inspiring teacher taught him to "always tell a story" with the lens. Since then, Tad has never looked at the world the same. Tad continued to study photography in college while earning a degree in Business Administration from the University of Colorado. After graduating, he moved to the Pacific Northwest to pursue his career in photography.

After meeting through a mutual friend, Tad offered to do an internship with Peter James in 2012. As a mentor and employer, Peter proceeded to teach Tad all the fine details of the prestigious commercial and business portrait photography that Bellingham has come to know and love Peter James for. Tad now does most of the business portraits and clients regularly go out of their way to say how much they love working with him. He has a charm and a patience that puts people at ease. He also has strong skills with tabletop product photography.

"Tad, thank you so much for working with me on getting the perfect photo. You did a great job, I am very, very happy! You are a great guy and you made me very comfortable."

Lori S. Gillies
Office Manager, Tario & Associates, P.S.


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