Bellingham Photographer

Peter's Personal Life
Peter James lives in the foothills of Mount Baker in southern Whatcom County with his daughter Zayanna May and his cat Miki.

When at home, he is busy in his yard landscaping and gardening, tending fruit trees and vines, playing with Zaya on the swings or sitting by a campfire playing guitar.

As the weather permits, he goes camping throughout Washington, Oregon and B.C.. Favorite spots include Ruby Beach, Cypress Island, Skyline Divide Trail, Rosario Beach and Pacific City Oregon. Peter makes the most of the beautiful scenery, often taking pictures from dawn to dusk.

Day trips also yield great adventure and more photographic opportunities. Back country hiking is #1 on the list, followed by sea kayaking, snowshoeing, and mountain biking.

Why Photography?
"I decided to become a photographer after an experience I had when I was 14. One winter day in Michigan, I borrowed my dad's fully manual Canon AE-1 with black and white film, and went for a walk. It got me outside despite the cold weather, and I ended up discovering places very near my house that I never knew were there. It was a great adventure and I discovered that I looked at my environment in a completely different way. I was looking for beauty and for compelling subjects that just lay waiting to be noticed, a habit that I've since made a part of my entire way of living.

Being a photographer is my way of helping people see the beauty that is all around us and helping us all to focus more on the things we want to see more of in our world." - Peter James