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Peter James loves finding the beauty in all of his subjects. Whether it's a family, a landscape, a product, or you, Peter

will find the perfect light, color, mood, and moment to bring out the best and capture it forever. Having been a serious photographer since the 80s, he has a vast amount of experience, yet he sees each of his subjects as individuals and uses his skills and sensitivity to bring out that individualism.

Peter spends every summer and fall travelling throughout the Pacific Northwest, photographing the mountains, beaches, rivers, forests, and valleys that Washington State is so well known for. His photo studio and nature photography gallery are located in Historic Fairhaven's Orca Building, and his stunning showcase of Northwest beauty can also be seen online by clicking here.


For nearly 30 years, photography has been Peter's primary passion. He inherited the love of cameras from his dad Gene, who taught him the basics in his early teens. Growing up in Michigan, surrounded by forests, lakes, and wildlife, he always had a strong love for nature.

Peter earned his degree in film and digital photography in 1997 just as technologies like digital cameras and Photoshop were emerging. He opened his first studio in Colorado Springs, CO specializing in portrait photos and digital photo manipulation. In 2000 he moved to Detroit, MI to work at Davo Photographic, a high-tech 10,000 sq/ft digital photo studio specializing in automotive photography, where he learned and assimilated much about modern digital photographic techniques and commercial photography.


Despite how much he liked working with Davo, Detroit was not the right environment for him. In the summer of 2002 he set out on a journey to find the perfect place to continue his career. After six months traveling around the country he discovered Bellingham and knew immediately that it was the right place for him to settle down and open a new photography studio. Ever since then he and his team have been serving the Bellingham community with photographic talent and digital expertise. With clients of all ages and walks of life, Peter has established his studio as Bellingham's go-to spot for all types of photography.

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